ILADS congrès à PARIS les 19 et 20 Mai



En 2017, l'ILADS fera son congrès européen à Paris.  Dates Prévues : vendredi 19 et samedi 20 mai (à confirmer)

Le programme prévu


Le 19 Mai :

Introduction: 8h30

Clinical presentations: 8h45-9h25.

Co-infections. Jack Lambert, Ireland. 40 min. 9h25-9h35.

Discussion 9h35-10h15.

Lab testing for Borrelia sp. and co-infections in cancer and in unexplained syndromes. Armin Schwarzbach, Germany. 40 min.10h15-10h25.

Discussion 10h25-10h55.

Development of bacteriophages targeted against Borrelia burgdorferi. Louis Teulières, France. 30 min. 10h55-11h05.

Discussion 11h05-11h35.

Coffee break 11h35-12h15.

Neurologic implications in Lyme. Harald Bennefeld , Germany 40min. 12h15-12h25.

Discussion 12h25-14h.

Lunch 14h00.

Treatment of autistic children with antimicrobials. 14h00-14h25.

Laura Alonso, Spain. 25 min 14h25-14h50. Philippe Raymond, France. 25 min 14h50-15h.

Discussion 15h-15h40.

Case reports. Marjo Valonen, Finland. 40 min. 15h40-15h50.

Discussion. 15h50-16h20.

Coffee break 16h20-16h50.

Treatment of persistent Lyme disease and co-infections. Use of antiparasitic, antifungal and anti-mycobacterial drugs. Richard Horowitz, USA. 40 min. 17h00-17h10. Discussion 17h10. End


Le 20 mai :

Scientific presentations: 8h45-9h25.

Diagnostic tests for chronic Lyme disease and co-infections: discrepancies between published data and recommendations. Christian Perronne, France. 40 min. 9h25-9h35.

Discussion 9h35-10h00.

Development of direct microbiologic methods for diagnosis of Lyme disease and co-infections. Interest of new generation PCRs. 9h35-10h00. Muriel Vayssier-Taussat, France. 25 min. 10h00-10h25.

Denis Fritz, France. 25 min. 10h25-10h50.

Iwona Bil-Lula. Poland. 25 min. 10h50-11h05.

Discussion 11h05-11h35.

Coffee break 11h35-12h05.

Suppression of long-lived humoral immunity following Borrelia burgdorferi infection in mice. Nicole Baumgarth, USA. 30 min. 12h05-12h15.

Discussion 12h15-13h45.

Lunch 13h45-14h15.

Host-pathogen interaction. Genetic predisposition for the clinical pattern of Lyme disease, including chronicity. Shusmita Rahman/ Alaa Badawi Canada. 30 min. 14h15-14h25.

Discussion 14h25-14h55.

Prevalence of positive serologies for B. burgdorferi among Polish farmers. Violetta Zajac, Poland. 30 min. 14h55-15h05.

Discussion. 15h05-15h35.

Coffee break 15h35-16h05.

Autochthonous parasitic diseases in Austria. Herbert Auer, Austria. 30 min. 16h05-16h15.

Discussion 16h15-16h55.

Microbial causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Comparison of the results obtained by several research teams (AB. McDonald, J. Miklossy, HB. Allen, StJohn Crean). Judith Miklossy, Switzerland. 40 min. 16h55-17h05.

Discussion. 17h05. End Pol



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